If you are looking for an unloader knee brace, you have come to the right address. We have been reviewing the best models for some time now, and here you can find our results.

When buying an unloader knee brace, it’s important to consider your needs over the cost of the brace. This is because the next step in your treatment is likely to be a knee replacement surgery which may cost many thousands of dollars and involve a long recovery. You can go online and read the customer reviews on the different kinds and brands of braces. Be sure and note what types of medical conditions that the customers are experiencing since various afflictions need different braces. You should also pay attention to the fit that people speak of. Some braces will fit people better and do a better job because of it, so that is a factor to consider as well. By doing your homework and investigating online you can find the best unloader knee brace for your needs, in your price range, then have your doctor prescribe it for you.

Knee Brace 101

Lots of people have knee pain in the US from previous injuries, overuse, or sometimes osteoarthritis, among other things. There are various medications that they can take; some are to deaden the pain while others help reduce inflammation and repair the cartilage. But still, there is bound to be plenty of pain; you can’t take medications all hours of the day and night, so many people give up on walking for the most part. This isn’t always the best way to handle the problem since inactivity will cause extra weight gain which in turn will aggravate the knee and bring on more pain. There are alternative treatments involving acupuncture, hypnosis, or even Cannabidiol oil that can help, but sometimes the best thing to do is wear a knee brace instead.

There Are Several Types Of Knee Braces For Different Afflictions

A simple support brace that fits many kneesSome knee braces are meant to keep the knee from twisting from side to side since that’s how their knee was injured. A prophylactic knee brace is one that helps protect the ligam

ents that are usually injured during sports or strenuous work accidents. The most common ligament that gets injured is called the medial collateral ligament, and it will heal on its own with enough care and a correct brace. The brace is designed to keep the knee stable and not allow any twisting that could aggravate the knee while healing.

There is also what is called a rehabilitation knee brace that is typically used after some surgery to the knee. While the knee heals, it’s best to keep it from moving so this brace limits movement in all directions. It also sometimes has adjustable hinges that can be locked, so they stop at a certain point in their movement. The hinges can be re-adjusted by the doctor on subsequent visits as the knee heals and more action is needed during recovery. You can buy these types of braces at the pharmacy and they can be worn for 6 to 12 weeks while you get better.

Then there is the functional knee brace that a lot of athletes wear only while playing their sports to provide stability for a previously injured knee. You can buy them at the sporting goods store or pharmacy and wear them while playing basketball, baseball, football or other sports to prevent an injury. They keep the knee joint from moving in directions that it wasn’t designed to move while you’re exerting extra pressure during athletic events. Several different designs hinge or are held in place differently to suit every kind of sports problem.

The Unloader Knee Brace Is Different In Several Ways

unloader knee brace design

This type of knee brace helps lessen the pressure on the knee joint, and it is used mostly for those that suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee. When you look at one, you can see that it clamps down tight above the knee on the thigh, and then again below the knee as well. This helps take some of the weight off of the knee joint and redirects it to the brace which bypasses the knee. It is especially effective when the inner portion of the knee has osteoarthritis which can cause a condition called wobbly knee. An Orthopedic surgeon or orthopedist will usually prescribe the brace, install it and adjust it for it to be the most effective. It will most likely have to be readjusted several times again as your knee gets better or worse over time.